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Picture of my character. Furry artowrk for a change. I started it looong time ago, like 6 months or so. It was supposed to be Amigone but.. I decided to draw Anuraia in deadly forme instead.
Pic is very big and in original it was freaaaaakin' huge.
I almost killed my SAI again. |D
I finished it like 3 or 4 weeks ago but I was lazy to upload it. But I decided to do it now as my PC act so weird lately.. and I don't want to loose this pic.

I have a lot of inspiration! ... To my personal characters. I have like 12 sketches... and there's my new character too! I decided to create another dragon character. I'm not gonna give her up like I did with the previous one.

About the title.. silver? Because she's silver, d'aah. But frozen? .. She has a cold attitude.


Art and character me *Tofu93
2012 All Rights Reserved.
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April 23, 2012
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