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April 13, 2012
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.. pretty much.
I was doing it with my paint II technique but this time somehow it ended up this way and it looks like =Ann-Jey's style.. |D uh, more or less. I hope she won't eat me for that. >u>
About the commissions most of them are finished, all I have to do is just make a BG. Some of them are also finished but somehow I just don't feel like uploading them anymore in this account. Don't know why. I'd like to keep my personal works here.
Should I make another account just for commissions? I still can't decide what to do about it.

Anyway that dark stuff under her is a shadow. As she's a demon and she can controll them.. somehow. |D And also she can control ice. Hot stuff will melt her. Literally. Though she'll regenerate later.

I always wanted to present you these little floating islands I had in mind time ago. Another feature from Asura it seems. (Asura - planet my characters live in btw |D)

Art and character me *Tofu93
2012 All Rights Reserved.
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