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Common names: Shadeira, Shadei, demon, cold lady
Species: Ice Demon
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Heigh: 5'11" (180cm)
Body Shape: Athletic
Breast size: D
Abilities: She can freeze what she wants, she's using her shadow ability to scare others. Sometimes it becomes handy when she has to move undetected, she can turn into a shadow smoke but only when she's moving. Because of her shadow ability she can also shape a weapon, clothes or other handy things. It's always in the solid state what can be sticky a little.
Weakness: She hates hot places, because of the high temperatures her skin becomes sticky and it's hard to her to focus on things.
Likes: blood, dark stuff, making others scared, being rude, cold places
Dislikes: being ignored, warmth.
Details: She's half a demon and half a hybrid. She's a Queen of Asura (planet when my characters live) but she don't really care about her responsibilities, she left that to her loyal subjects. She's always on her own path, she's a free-runner. She eat hearts to gain the energy.

Do NOT copy, edit or use as your own. Do NOT trace the pose, no bases were used, this is the actual reference drawn by me.
Do not try to copy this Mary. ;)

Reference and character Shadeira me *Tofu93
2013 All Rights Reserved.
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January 13, 2013
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