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Subject #121


Species: Shapeshifter
Gender: Male
Age: ??
Heigh: 6' 4" (193 cm)
Body Shape: Thin, Agile
Abilities: As a shapeshifter he can turn into anyone else or randomly change his body parts and/or his colors or gender. He can't change his eyes' color. He's able to swim pretty fast and he can control water. Because of the starfish DNA he can recreate his skin (which because of the shark genes can become sharp to protect himself). He also can sing a Perish Song which naturally sounds beautiful like it's sing by an angel, but others react very bad, they can't stand it and they simply faint or kill themselfs just so the song can stop. His special immune system is also one of his abilities. See the reference for details.
Weakness: He can't change his eyes so sometimes it's easy to notice something is wrong. He can't copy abilities.
Likes: sterility, cleanliness, water, sweets, calmness
Dislikes: oranges and color orange in general, dirty places, loud noises
Details: Sa'eed was created in a laboratory. It's a hybrid of sea animals (a bit of marine iguana, starfish and shark). He was really silly at the beginning, had to learn a lot of new stuff and learn how to live and comunicate. When he learned the basic stuff he started to being mean a little and he tried to run away from the laboratory really often. He thought life is always easy and happy, He ended up being injured mentally and physically by Beyond and he had to recover in laboratory again. He became really quiet and sad but after some time he was healed from his depression. He learned he has to be more careful and that life isn't THAT easy. He lives with his creator named Acrid and his other subjects.

Do NOT copy, edit or use as your own. Do NOT trace the pose, no bases were used, this is the actual reference drawn by me.
Reference and character Sa'eed me - Tofu93
2013 All Rights Reserved.
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Submitted on
June 7, 2013
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