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August 15, 2012
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Redesigned Mikayla. Anon on tumblr gave me some useful tips about her new look. :3 So like this person requested I left her fluffy tail and overall it's based on Nadja. I moved fluff from her paws to her ears lol. And I gave her some giraffe-like spots on her body. These cover her boobs too. ;P

I submit the rough sketch some days ago so some of you seen her already!
I like this so much, ah. There's never enough of blue in my gallery.

Of course SAI decided to be such a bitch to me so I couldn't just save it on PS. PS for some odd reason destroy all effects used in SAI. So I had to merge all layers to one, then save it as a new psd file AND then open it in PS so I could save it in proper file format and keep all the effects.

Art and character me *Tofu93
2012 All Rights Reserved.
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