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Rofl I see I have to do next edit.

EDIT: Stop aking 'damn how is she not cold?','Why she has short clothes?' or something like that. All animals have in winter more furr than in summer, why some of you guys you didn't noticed that yet lol.

EDIT: Added snow since the BG was too simple xD
I deleted snow from her, because itíll looks really ugly guys.

If someone didn't noticed yet it's Lumina, but in her winter furr. :P
Phew, I finished this on time! >u<
Actually I thought it'll looks better ^^; Well, at least I tried do my best.
I like the BG, even if I gave up with trees.
Man, this day was so long to me, I worked so hard with food for Christmas Eve xux And still I have some things to do. But I want do this tommorow, I'm too tired.
This picture was almost finished, today I just did small corrections, that's all.
Hope you like it.
And Merry Christmas everyone!
Art and character © me *Tofu93
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Submitted on
December 23, 2010
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