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January 1, 2013
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Yay for the new year 2013!
If you have already learned something in the first day - keep it in heart to the very end. I know I will.. :B
Once again I hope it'll be a good one for you and I hope we'll spend another great year together at deviantART! Cheers~

It was done long time ago, but I decided to upload it just now to celebrate in some way~ You can even see thse hm old style of legs. I realized such legs match only with dragons, and nothing else. -u- Yeah I'm saying that so you won't get confused why again you see animal legs instead of.. anthro ones like I used to draw lately again.

I'm not really in the best condition, I'm poisoned actually so I'll respond later, sorry guys. ;~; For now I need to take some rest.

Art and character Faith me *Tofu93
2013 All Rights Reserved.
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