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Who would thought this cute creature would grow up and be a monster like this?
Actually hey, let's some info-attack, k?

When Kitsune's negative feelings will rose to a fever pitch she turns into a real demon. It's called a Dark Kitsune or Fury Kitsune. Regular kitsune has 9 tails and is very strong, but she lost her two in a fight. She's not that strong like she was used to be but it still doesn't mean she's weak.
Kitsune in regular form is very shy, polite and friendly, but her dark form is a complete opposite. She doesn't attack without a reason, but it's better to stay out of her way. When she lose her energy she returns to her regular form, is very tired and she sleeps all day to regain some power.

I'm really glad with this piece, not only because the colors are quite unusuall like on my other works, but also it looks good and was shade in cell shading which with effects doesn't even look like it. |D
I made a wallpaper for myself out of this. I like it THAT much. I'm awesome. Yep. Nope.

Print is available! This time also a LARGE one!!: [link]

Please be patient with me, I have 69 comments to respond to. (Omg why such number? It's everywhere!), some unread notes (someonedied or I pissed you?) and a lot of journals to read. :^

Art and character Dark Kitsune me *Tofu93
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October 12, 2012
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