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Common names: Jason, Jay, Jase, Beyond
Species Wolfox (Wolf/Fox hybrid)
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Heigh: 5'7" (170 cm)
Body Shape: Thin, Agile
Abilities: Can go through so much pain, he seems to enjoy it.
Weakness: He's not quite right in the head. He seems to be normal but after some time it's easy to figure out he's not stable emotionally. Also he suffers from Polycythemia vera (also known as erythremia - blood disorder in which the bone marrow makes too many red blood cells).
Likes: Dead bodies?, his crazy (not stable) side of himself, Aspirin.
Dislikes: feeling weak because of his blood disorder.
Details: He was a successful fur, starting with good grades in college, ending on being a father. His life was pretty much ruined after that. His best friend died in college, Beyond was pretty sad he didn't notice anything. He blamed himself that he could talk with his friend more often, he was ashamed he didn't know about all his friend's problems. Later he met a nice woman, both were so happy together they decided to become a true family. His daughter was born but after that his wife died. He was really depressed but he moved on pretty quicly, he knew he has to be strong because his daughter is the only one happiness life decided to let him be with. Not for too long though. When she was 12 she died in a car accident because the driver was drunk and he didn't notice her. Beyond couldn't take this anymore. He went crazy over dead bodies, he started to enjoy the pain he felt. He tried to commit a suicide, but he failed. He couldn't do that, he was still too scared to do so. He just wanted to forget his family, he wanted to forget everyone who were close to him died. He made a pact with Fur Of Death (Lavenda) and he became the half-dead giving his heart to her. Now every time he recalls his family he becomes a real crazy nightmare, wants to hurt everybody around him and himself. Because of one crazy mindless attacks like that he lost his right eye. He literally scratched it out of his orbit.

Do NOT copy, edit or use as your own. Do NOT trace the pose, no bases were used, this is the actual reference drawn by me.
Reference and character Beyond me *Tofu93
2013 All Rights Reserved.
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April 21, 2013
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